Experience as a Solitary Practitioner..

Before I start with the lessons and notes and tidbits, I wanted to start out with a little bit more information about why I started this and wanted to share that I am a Solitary Witch. I also want to remind those of you who are learning or have even been on this path forever, there is NOTHING wrong with being Solitary. I will admit it can be lonely, and it can be hard. Though I was led to this path years ago, my learning and practices I will unfortunately say can be few and far between. Part of that is from life craziness and not feeling ready for certain things. Another part is making sure that the material I have to learn from is right for me.

An upside to Wicca and the Craft together or desperately is that they are for you. There are traditions and guidelines, but this is ultimately your path to follow. I do very much believe in the Rule of Three and the Wiccan Rede, no matter what path you’re on. Any religion, any path, any energy, what you put forth will come back. Good and bad. Going back to my original point is that you can practice however you wish, with whatever feels right for you. That is very much my personal belief and practice.

Another point that I wanted to look into in this piece is that many people think that all Witches are Wiccan and all Wiccans are Witches. Which is very much not the case. Wicca is a path/religion/belief system that people follow. Witchcraft or being a Witch is a craft and a practice, a lifestyle if you will. These can definitely go hand in hand and I have personally found this very useful on many aspects. My ancestors led back to Witches and healers, and I grew up believing in the power of Nature and eventually the Goddess and what she can provide.

Growing up I was a devote Christian. I went to church, sang hymns, read my fair share of the bible and prayed daily. Around the age of Fourteen I ended up in a coma in the hospital, which after a long few months in and out of the hospital with toxic shock syndrome, blood clots, and ending with open heart surgery for a birth defect. I mention this time because it really marked a big change for me in how I saw things and how I depicted things around me. I asked more questions and went searching further into what Christianity meant to me. After a few years of struggling hard with my doubt I decided to look elsewhere for purpose. Being a Christian did not fulfill me like I believed it could, and I realized that I followed blindly without asking questions growing up because it seemed to be the right thing to do. In the end, I found Wicca. I found the Goddess. And since that point I have felt so much more at peace, and I strive to be better and better the earth little by little. This definitely was not the only change in my life around the time, but returning to the Earth and the flow of Nature will always be my home.

I know I’ve turned to rambling in this particular post, but I did want to share a bit. It can definitely be a struggle, being a Wiccan, Witch, Solitary, any of it. I am judged all the time since I’ve “Come out of the broom closet” and it can be hard. But there is so much to find and experience here, and I know there is so much more to learn. I very much hope that you can learn with me and that you can find solace no matter where your path leads you. And remember, you are never alone.

Thank you all if you’ve read this far, I will see you soon!

Blessed Be


–Altar Piece: Salt

-Salt is a wonderful source of protection and can be used for cleansing, barring, and expelling negative energy

-Salt also represents Earth






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