A lesson on healing:

I would like to just put in a little word for a hard lesson that I have been learning and going through recently. It’s learning to heal. Not just physically or emotionally, but in general. Knowing when to take the steps you need to take to protect yourself and let yourself heal. This doesn’t have to be just from a serious injury or trauma, it can be from general stresses that have gotten to be too much or just needing a vacation from life.

A few months ago I had big goals with the company I currently work for and the store that I was personally part of opening up back in January. I wanted to at least see it through til late next year or at least a few more months, knowing that things for this location will get better. It has gone through a lot of change, from store managers to partners to policy. However I’d had my doubts for how long I’d end up working for this company because of the sheer amount of stress I was in or put myself in when throwing myself into this store.

A few months ago I started fainting regularly, and we have no idea why. At first we thought it was low blood pressure, something I’ve struggled with since the age of fourteen after my open heart surgery. Then we thought maybe it was an allergic reaction to gluten, I had cut gluten out of my diet as an experiment to see if some digestive ailments got better (They did by the way), and that doesn’t seem to be it either. At this time I am hoping it is stress related, but in the meantime I would like to use this as a point to take time when you need to rest. Don’t feel guilty for taking time for yourself, or doing a little extra for yourself.

Take a nap, get a drink, watch a show you’ve been meaning to get to, try things out that’ll help you relax and take time for you. I know from experience that this can be incredibly hard to do, there’s always something else I could be doing or working on. I would make excuses to keep working around things. And it seems that’s caught up to me and is interfering with a job that I enjoy and love, even with the stresses and frustrations.

Love yourself, take time for yourself, and don’t forget that you are worth it. Your health, mentally, physically and emotionally is important. DSC_0966 (2).JPG



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